How do I make water based facepaint as durable as possible?

Hello again! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for brands, products, or techniques to make facepaint as durable as possible from sweat and friction? I know it'll never be the strongest method of painting someone, but if there are suggestions that really increase the longevity of it, please help!
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    First step would be picking a makeup that is formulated to be durable.  One such option would be WolfeFX's Hydrocolor http://www.wolfefx.com/hydrocolor-makeup/

    Then you could seal the makeup to further increase its durability.  I usually use Ben Nye's Final Seal.

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    @Chris Ellerby  What would other makeup options be? I love Wolfe FX, but they're not readily available in Canada/Vancouver. Is there anything else you would recommend? Final seal is available, so that's not a problem to get, its the base paint. We have Ben Nye and Kryolan, and I'm unsure if they're formulated to be durable as well.
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    Kryolan's Aquacolor line is another good option.  https://kryolan.com/product-lines/aquacolor

    I'm not sure how durable they are compared to Wolfe though, but I know it's a popular line.

    Another quick tip to help with makeup durability is to make sure to thoroughly clean the skin before application.  I like to use an astringent like witch hazel.

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