Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice Northmen "Revenant" | Stan Winston creature sculpture contest

Hello creature creators

This is my take on creating a roughly 1/6 scale figurine of the Northmen "Revenant" creature from the videogame "Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice".
Based on the concept design of Jeff Goslan

He's made in SuperSculpey and Cosclay and measures roughly 32cm (without wooden base)

Take care, stay healthy

Here are some WIPs aswell from during my work on him.
I did stream the entire progress of making him over on my twitch-channel (sadly twitch delets VODs after a few weeks).
But there are also a few different shots of the Revenant on my instagram account, where I collect my pieces.
Shamelessly plugging my links down here, if thats not ok, I can edit it out again


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