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Hi all,

I was wondering if my puppet pattern was printed the correct size. I know Mister Guyer said that it is a particularly small pattern, but it looks very small. could anyone comment on my pic, please? From the bottom of the body to top of the head is 37 CENTIMETERS (14.5 INCHES).

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  • Bj GuyerBj Guyer ✭✭
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    Hi Sunieda. That is approximately the correct size. The pattern is designed to print on a standard 8.5x11inch sheet of paper. Set to print with no border. Most students have found that scaling the pattern to 115% gives them a better fitting puppet. I hope this helps answer your question. The puppet looks great! Please post final pics when finished.


  • Hi Sunieda,

    I've reached out to see if I can get more information about the pattern scale for you.  We'll let you know once the answer is found.


  • Hi Chris, thank you, appreciate it.
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