Beserk Godzilla

Being a Huge Godzilla fan, I couldn't help but give the Classic Monster my own spin. I started the armature and basic form almost a year ago and finished it more recently because once I start a project, I cant help but get easily distracted by another. I started with a wire and aluminum armature then layered it with Beige Super Sculpey to start bulking out the figure. I also had some fun making a short little video showing my general process on sculpting this( https://youtu.be/H8cKqMD2N7k ). When I started this project I wanted to recreate the Godzilla Puppet from the original 1954 Film. But as I continued sculpting I started leaning more towards the flashing Millennium Godzilla design. I grew up watching Godzilla films so I really obsessed over every detail on this sculpture. Rather than using texture stamps I wanted to sculpt each scale by hand to give it more of an irregular and natural feel. The severed Ghidorah heads were added last minute, since originally I was planning to have him hold a damaged train like the older films. But then I decided to replaced it with the decapitated heads of Ghidorah to give him a rabid dog/Cujo Aesthetic which I really liked. I think I had the most fun painting this sculpture. I used a purple/blue shifting paint for the spinal plates that catches the light pretty well and makes it stand out across the room. Then I had fun splattering the gold and red paint onto the claws and mouth. And of course giving the scales a quick drybrushing to make them stand out is always satisfying. In the end I'm very happy with how it came out, thanks for giving this post a view and I hoped you enjoyed it! (gotta stick out your tongue to be more skilled at painting)
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