Hello everyone! ! The theme of this work: Orc Shaman 
In the primitive wilderness, the orc wizard looks for herbs that can save the wounded warriors, and follows him with a pet (lizard). There are various creatures (such as insects, lizards, etc.), branches, and bones in the scene, which convey a sense of primitive and mysterious power. The overall height is about 80cm, and the base is B3 size.(water-based clay)

Added decorations for witch doctors In addition,
because of the possibility of battle, cultural characteristic armor is added to the body The backpack carries hunting heads, huge plague fleas, collecting buckets, face amulets, caterpillars, etc.

Introduce the production process Characters need to constantly adjust their balance due to material weight and posture In addition, weight-bearing will cause deformation problems, and you need to pay attention to it will also affect the length of the foot

Put an apple to compare the size


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