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My name is Andy, I live in Montreal and I just wanted to say, I am totally blown away by the amazing classes I've viewed so far.

Don Lanning's clay board samples on youtube are what got me hooked. I I am doing this, as a hobby. I had a tub of Monster Clay which had been collecting dust, and Don's clay board prep and cuts & wounds sample tutorial seemed like something I could do. Last time I did any sculpting was in high school and our classes were pretty shit. I am 46 right now, and work as an IT pro setting up HCI systems in Datacenters all over Canada.

I was already working remote for years, with occasional onsite work and travel as needed. But lately, I just find every hour I'm on the clock to be soul sucking. The time I spent doing these sculpting exercises, was refreshing in a way I am still trying to acclimatize to.

Just wanted to thank everyone behind the scenes who make these classes possible, and I do hope Don Lanning will be making more new classes soon. Jordu Schell & Brad Look have also inspired the hell out of me. But that's more advanced and I will build my way up to practical exercises from their classes. I came in just wanting to do some hands on sculpting and now I am painting bruises with alcohol paint and planning some prosthetics projects with both Pros-Aide cream and silicone..

Thanks for making your content so affordable and filled with not only technical expertise, but every instructor shares a wealth of industry knowledge or even info about classic films and series.

<insert mind blown oatmeal banamix sound effect>



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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the kind words!   Glad you are enjoying the sculpting exercises, and it looks like you are off to a great start!  

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