Charybde & Scylla

 Sculpture en epoxy et polymere avec ajouts d'ossements. Peintures acryliques et bombes.
La création mesure environ 40 cm. 
Assemblage en 3 parties de 3 sculptures, partie une:la silhouette des siamoises
Partie 2, le chapeau meduse
Partie 3, finition du montage epoxy et polymere. 


  • Jean GrietenJean Grieten Châtelet in Belgium
    Absolutely amazing !!!   This is a real top killer job  :o
    I absolutely love it, and the attention to the details is beyond comprehension !!
    The more you observe, the more nice things you discover.
    A really great and outstanding realization here  <3<3<3<3<3
  • de tout coeur merci msieur 🤟🙏🙏
  • As always, just unbelievable, I'm your first fan, congrats for the job!  <3
  • A magnificent piece, straight out of the prolific imagination of this artist that I have been following for several years.
    The progress from one work to another is as fascinating as the sculpture itself.
    You are the only one who can provide me all the decoration I expect for the style of my house.
    I wish you the best and more!
  • Mmmmmmerci de tout coeur, ce com me touche énormément 🖤🖤🖤
  • Mr clyde🖤🖤🖤🖤😁🙏
  • chapeau meduse noire en wip sculpey Light 
  • Magnifique travail ❤️
  • Merci beaucoup 😘
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