Halloween mask priming - rubber cement or adhesion promoter?

Hey there, I'm making a Halloween mask for a haunted run, and the paint needs to be DURABLE. I've seen two different methods here on how to prime a slip/rubber latex mask - Tim Gore and Casey Love's adhesion promoter technique, and Tim Martin's rubber cement technique. Gore and Love said it was better to do the adhesion promoter technique, as it's not toxic (and I would prefer to not use toxic, fumey things), but I don't know if it would be suitable for a very high use mask - can anyone give any information about one vs the other and maybe what I should use for this project?


  • If the mask is going to be heavily used/anused/cleaned/etc repeatedly over a long period of time you may want to try the rubber cement method.  Since latex flexes and also breaks down over time you will find heavily used masks still have a limited lifespan, and paint can wear off, but taking good care of the mask can help you keep it intact much longer. 

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