Repairing foam body prop

I'm looking to repair prop bodies made from self skinning foam that have large rips with a lot of exposed under foam and that started to dry and flake away in places from exposure to the elements what is the best way to go about doing this... what materials should I use to seal and repair these props? 


  • A contact adhesive like Barge could help glue pieces back together, or help glue in new chunks of replacement foam.  To coat it, you could use liquid latex or even a liquid neoprene, like "creature cast"

    As far as what to seal it with to protect it, I'm not sure.  Usually, when a foam prop goes bad it's time to toss it out and re-cast if possible.  I know there are some folks that do restoration work for older pieces of value, but that is usually mostly cosmetic repairs.  Once the foam starts to break down it will continue to do so.

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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