Extension on Due date (please read)

Hi students!

We apologize for not having the video out yet, we are performing a systems upgrade on our video release system, We have decided to extend the due date on the grading portion to Friday, Sept 20th at midnight PST. We would love for you guys to be able to review the techniques to put the finishing touches on your work and the video should go live on Wednesday here:. https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/webcasts/character-rendering-in-photoshop-with-dan-luvisi



  • WOOOO! Freakin' A, Chris, you rock the Casbah, good sir!
  • Awesome, appreciate that homie, will give me time to add a couple things.
  • SAVAGE! I can't wait to see your final, brother
  • This is awesome!
    Now I can get some sleep and finish up on the details with a fresh look!

    Good luck guys!
    Happy hunting!
  • This is awesome news, I just got my PhotoShop back!!!


  • Hey, Chris, any word on the video being posted up?
  • Hey Tomasi, sorry still haven't received it. It is on the forefront of my mind as well and i will get it up just as soon as it has finished encoding and is handed off to me. 
  • right on, right on, hopefully we'll at least get to see it before we hand in our finals, we're really appreciative of the extra time given, but I think everyone's kinda close to done with their renders. I know I could use some of the finer points from Dan's webinar on my piece, as could others as they've mentioned.

    But thanks for the quick response, holmes, stay up!
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