Been lurking, but finally finished my Hollywood Gorilla Suit

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Been a member for a few years and finally finished my Crash Corrigan Hollywood Gorilla Suit. 

I started the process in 2018 with absolutely no experience. I joined the Ape Suit Cinema FB page and with the help of fellow Ape Suit members (Chris Walas being one) I pushed my way through. 

I'm a huge fan of Hollywood Gorillas. They were not realistic in any sense of the word, but they were Hollywood's first monsters and they gave me my fair share of nightmares as a kid. Ray Crash Corrigan was my favorite Gorilla Man and Bonga being my favorite suit. I remember catching the movie THE APE on TV and the scene where Bonga the gorilla looks into the window of Boris Karloff's doctor office, then crashes through, traumatized me for years. Lol

Saying that, I present my Hollywood Gorilla Suit. I sculpted his face in WED and hand tied kanekalon to a mesh shirt and pants. It has a basic underskull with lip curl mechanism. 

These pictures are my inspiration and nightmare maker. Ray Corrigan and Bonga:

My suit:

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