Crabby Wigwam Creature!

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This is Crabby Wigwam. He is made out of latex, styrofoam, handmade paper, tire wire, moose fur, chicken wire, leather, fun fur, acrylic, sculpey, and paper mache. He is painted with PAX and inks. He is fully posable, and my inspiration for him was to be a sort of Dark Crystal-inspired character. It took me a pretty long time to finish him, but I'm quite happy with the results! His face is also squishy, which for some reason, gives me the giggles. His ears are also translucent to a point. If he were to move about he would move really slow and cautiously, using his crab hands as his canes, and his neck would extend and contract kind of like Johnny Five. He would also have an eye twitch.  Enjoy!
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