All Masked Up

I am fairly happy with how this turned out, although I did not plan on it appearing quite so gory. This was my second time using Skin Tite Silicone; and just like the first time it was either too runny, or seized too quickly after putting my thickening agent in. If anyone has any tips I would love them!

I tried using my Skin Illustrator glazing gels over the silicone, but it didn't stick; so I used it around the edges to give a bruised/burned feeling. The mask itself is fun foam with fabric over it, and held on with Prosaid. I used a combination of Sugar Pill's Bulletproof eye-shadow (my favorite deep black) and charcoal powder for the shadows, and various cremes (maroon, red, white, and yellow) to give color, depth, and help with the shading. I also grunged up my face, neck and chest. Looking at the pictures I feel like it would have benefited from some vasaline to make it shiny and goopy looking, but I'm still happy with it. This is the most intricate look I've done yet, and every time I do something out of my comfort zone I learn something and see something I could have done better.

My original plan for the silicone was to have striations coming off of the mask, almost like sunbeams; and have them be a semi-translucent red color. This was not possible however, due to how quickly the silicone kept setting. I made due, and used nearly all of the 16oz (2 1oz bottles) set I have. But as I learned a while ago, supplies are to be used. I'm also happy I was able to get this look done today, as my migraine is finally gone after 3 days, woohoo! I hope you like this. Have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, I have included some process shots, and what the mask looked like after I took it off. So gorily satisfying. :) 
I also realized that I did not put enough soot or red creme pain on my neck with these photos. Always so interesting the difference of what I think I'm applying, and what the pictures show. 

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