Good old zombie / Billy the puppet

I had done a zombie look before and thought it came out pretty good so I decided to recreate it with a twist.
I don't have any training on FX makeup yet but I have gotten some help and inspiration from watching YouTube videos, mainly the Glam&Gore channel.
I decided to include Billy the puppet here as well because it is the first time I had to build a prosthetic over a fabric mouth covering (Halloween 2020) in order to go anywhere.
Both the zombie and Billy took lots of latex, cotton, makeup and patience to create.  
I tried to build some pieces before had so I could add multiple layers (since latex takes so long to dry).
On Billy, I had to stich the chin piece on the mouth covering and add latex to cover the stitches.  I also had to wear a bald cap for Billy because his hairline appears to be receding.

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