Apocalypse evolution ! #1

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We are in the 30th century . Humans have destroyed almost life whole in the planet years ago with nuclear wars and failed experiments for trying to manipulate environment . The Earth is almost dead without resources to live. There are only a few groups of humans living in the tallest trees of California . Life is imposible on the floor as a result of the contaminated cloud of pollution that involves the earth. In this scenario there is a bug who evolved to keep living. This bug was a mosquito at first who silently bit a lot of living creatures, extracting blood of each of them. His mutated DNA acquired the capacity to analyze the best of each living creature and mix all creating a unique creature that doesn't need to go down on the floor never. He has a friendly face in his front side to fool his victims ,could be years without food and he would live and He is as smart as an human. These creatures can talk each others with their faces in the back too and his main food are the humans.

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    Cool - would love to see this in color !
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    Thanks John! I would like to send it in color, but I ruin most of my drawings when coloring jajaja.  Anyway I will try to send another pic colored!
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