Character Makeup Contest Entry #2: Forever Wonderland

After finding Wonderland as a child, I couldn’t imagine life back in the Real World, so I stayed.

Time passed and eventually I couldn’t find my way back to the Looking Glass. I tried counting the days, the years, the decades, but time is funny in Wonderland. So many adventures I had! I think— I can’t really remember them now. Now I just have half remembered dreams and confusing nightmares. I know there was a Terrible Massacre led by the Red Queen— so many friends died at her hand!— I think it was by her hand. Like I said, time is funny, so are memories…

Now I’m alone, but not Lonely. I wrap White Rabbit around me when I’m cold, I chat with the Cat, how I love his smile! I tell riddles with Hatter and drink tea. I think it’s tea. Maybe someone new will arrive soon. I’ll wait.

i colored & styled the wig, made the nails, the “rabbit” stole, cheshire cat teeth necklace & other accessories. no prosthetics, only latex & makeup

Video: https://youtu.be/I7ZBkByF6y0

credit: IG: @becktopia_artistry

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