Wilma and Fred Realism Body Paint

Wilma and Fred Body Paint 
Artist: @charlotteknightartistry
Models: Lucy Dean and Sira Stevenson 

I am 19 and I am studying at university. This body paint was inspired by my favourite body artist Craig Tracy, I wanted my end result to look as though it was a painting and that the bodies were blending in with the background creating a final image. 

I chose to do penguins, as this was heavily inspired by the program ‘Atypical’ on Netflix. This show is mainly about a young boy Sam, who suffers with autism, and it portrays how he finds daily things in life difficult, things we wouldn’t even think twice before doing them. This show really speaks to me as my younger brother is autistic and I see how he struggles every single day and wish I could make it better for him. I’m so glad that this show portrays autistic realistically and as a series that people can enjoy watching. So more people can be aware of unseen disabilities. 
The young boy, Sam in the show had certain ‘Stims’. These are things autistic people will do to help calm themself down when they don’t understand. Sam’s way of calming down was to say his four favourite species of penguins over and over. This inspired me to create these penguins. 

I’m not usually artistic,  I had no idea how to use highlight and shade before this. So I taught myself And did many many trials to come to my end result which I am very pleased with. 


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