Forest Fairy Gaurdian

A forest guardian Fae who is so sad of how poisoned the world has become. She's life's protector of every pure creature, alive or dead. 
this look was created in a little shy of 6 hours. we found out the day before the due date! so this was a true test of skill and an exhilarating experience! when we first started we had NO CLUE what character to make. we could have made SO MANY. 

I, Haley,  was the model and costume designer. literally its just stuff from around the house and stuff I  find at goodwill and alter myself.
My VERY talented and handsome boyfriend/twin flame, Jason, was the makeup artist and photographer!!!!! he was the one that knew how to use the pretty lights! :) 

The make up was a foam latex prosthetic, applied with ProsAide, then painted ,by Jason, with airbrush!

model: @the.shapeshifter.pup
makeup artist/ director/ photographer:  @_jasonconrey
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