Dinosaur Third Eye

I am so proud of this look. This is my most involved look I've completed on myself to date, which took about 3 hours. This was my second use of latex, and my first attempt of mixing latex with toilet paper to add texture and depth to a look. I found a picture of a dragon eye online, drew up my own version, and then created this as my "third eye". I love the eye idea of chakras and third eyes, so I thought this was a fun interpretation. I did this for fun on the weekend. This was also my first attempt at using any type of backdrop (just a piece of black fabric in this case), but I was so proud I wanted the focus to be on the makeup. I really struggled with the colors for the scales, mainly the lighter green/yellow on the outside; as I re-did the color three times. I'm still very happy with how it turned out. I also want to point out that some of the pictures I am wearing my glasses because I do not wear contacts; so every look I'm doing on myself I am partially blind, or at least that feels that way with how bad my astigmatism is. This was also the first look I completed in our new makeup/costume room. We had had a costume room for a while, but we finally organized it enough to put a desk and my makeup stuff in there, so I have a designated space to play. I love it! Thank you if you read all this craziness. Keep being creative! I have been loving looking at everyone's work, and I hope to upload another look today tomorrow if my migraine is officially done after 2 days. Keep being awesome everyone!

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