The Mad Cultist

Model - Benedykt Tyszkiewicz
Desing, sculpting, moulding, painting, application - Kajetan Wójcik (me) and Aleksandra Maksimczuk 
Facial hair ventilating, tattoo transfers - Kajetan Wójcik (me)
Photos - Adam Sobolewski
Photo editing / color correction - Kajetan Wójcik (me)
Materials provided by Międzynarodowe Studium Dziewuslkich, as a part of the classes. 

When thinking about the character we wanted to create, we got the idea of a deranged monk that could hear his own God. Looking for inspiration we turned to H.P. Lovecraft stories and comics of Mike Mignola (the Rasputin was probably the source of our original idea), yet we aimed to take our own spin to this concept. Of course I turned to SWSCA for something we could use, thus came the tattoo transfers made the way Christian Tinsley shared. And of course we had to use the amazing "blood staining" way of Gary J. Tunnicliffe.
So after some time of ventilating the beard and application, we got this completely insane cultist!

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