Hell On Earth- Satanic Sea Creature

The concept behind this creature explored what the devil would look like if he were a physical being that lived on earth. I took inspiration from Dante's Inferno where hell is described as the deepest part of earth. After further research I found out that the deepest part of earth is actually in the sea and is known as the Marina Trench. This led me to create a bioluminescent deep sea satan character with both aquatic and demonic elements. I included three eyes and nostrils in to my creature sculpt since the devil in Dante's Inferno is described as three headed. I also included scale textures and a snake spine element on the back of the head since in many religions a snake is often a symbol used to imply sin, evil, and the devil. Since satan was once an angel I wanted my design to be somewhat beautiful so I still tried to include human like features such as the lips. When designing this creature I took inspiration from creature makeups in films such as The Shape of Water, Star Trek, and Legend. I designed, sculpted, molded, painted, and applied this foam latex creature makeup. 

Photographer: Gabriel Bush

Model: Juliana Kremianskaja

Makeup Artist: Chloe Grass (me!)

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