Boato The Bounty Hunter

Boato is a bounty hunter that works for the ex Morbog leader X-Andra. Boato's home planet is a swamp-like biome where his species of Kambosp come from on the planet 0192765 All so known as "The Hive".
Boato is a part of the current smuggling union the "Bootleg Gang" and has past military experience fighting in the galactic war where he was saved by the Morog as Boato is one of the last remaining Kambosp after the war as the hive was destroyed by a larger power looking to dominate the universe. Boato owes his life to the Morog and will carry out any mission to give his thanks for his life.

Prosthetic makeup made with 100% slush latex prosthetics and latex cotton build up. The application took 5hrs to complete.

For full creation process follow the link below:
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