SPFX Body Paint_BIO Unicorn

This SPFX body painting piece, Bio-unicorn, modelled by Carla Rose, is a merging of fantasy and futuristic apocalyptic human worlds. What does the legend of the unicorn, a powerful beast whose blood holds the secret to immortality, look like in in the grim future where out of control technology has left little room for wonder and magic? Nadia explores the question of what place do myths and legends have in our future.

The piece takes us through four phases of human evolution: the hunter gather; the agriculturalist; the technology and information age; and the bionics age - where creatures part machine and part organic, struggle to adapt to a collapsing ecosystem.     

The dark colour palette contrasted by bursts of colour and glitter, tentacle like appendages created from latex moulds and plastic tubing and airbrushed stencilling come together to create a disturbing biomechanical creature piece from another world. Nadia has used design elements from iconic artists such as  H.P. Lovecraft, Issac Asimov and H.R. Giger in a sci-fi noir style that invites us to a world where technology and magic coexist.
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