VFX / FX Makeup Experiment: Zombie by Ivan Moreno

Hello everyone, I am Ivan Moreno
This is my project for the Character Makeup Contest.

My other projects here:

I am finishing my degree in technology at the university, I will soon finish as a technologist in digital animation, I from Colombian, I am 26 years old. Since I was little I have been interested in special effects and each step I take is to get closer to what I see on the big screen, my application is about my graduation project that I want to share it since I invite people to create their own special low cost makeup effects , son two tutorials:

Create an inexpensive zombie facial PART I
Integration of the prosthesis to PARTII digital
I leave you the tutorials, I loved having done this project.

#Sketches and concept art Concept of

zombie - jaw sketch

I like a zombie /

Styrofoam head

photomontage with styrofoam - WIP

Acting and makeup

Making off - Effects integration 

experiment in Ae finally


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