Mr Binky just wants to be your friend (CLOWN WARNING)

so this is Mr Binky (a few iterations of him) hes my true face! some people have said I dress up as "Mr Binky" to frighten people but nothing could be further from the truth he is my inner animal. I make the bald cap from a "graylands mask" there a Ukrainian company that makes rather cheap mask but they appear to make them out of slush casting foam latex, I use them as they give my head more shape, I use a number of different "vampire" brows depending on what I can find or make in time (hes genraly put on last minute) I then use duo latex as a stipple to blend the edge and then cover in pax, I paint my arms white to as my idea is that he is white rather than fleshy coloured with white make up! I often will put a tattoo on his arm with a heart and a name of a guest if theres an actress I admire from a show attending the convention I wear him to . 
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