SFX Makeup Lifecast Question

I want to make a lifecast of my face that I can sculpt directly onto and makeup sfx makeup prosthetic pieces that are custom-fitted. I'm planning on making the mould with a Body Double silicone lifecasting kit but after I have the mould I'm unsure what material to make the positive lifecast that I can use multiple times for various sculpts. The internet seems to give a lot of conflicting information. Some sites say plaster is fine but I would have thought it would be easy to break and mark with my tools as I'm sculpting. Other sites say Hydrocal or Ultracal 30. Any suggestions on the best material?


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    Ultracal 30 is a good option.  Hydrocal is more situation-specific since it's designed to wick moisture more.  So if you plan to float pieces off the cast by soaking it in water, Hydrocal is a good option.  Otherwise, Ultracal 30 is a common option.

    If you want something lighter you can do a resin/epoxy/fiberglass casting as well.

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