Hi, my name is Pau. I am a makeup artist based in Manila, Philippines.

My character submission is my interpretation of a Philippine mythological creature, the Bakunawa. Long ago, it is known as the god of the underworld and the cause of eclipses. It is usually depicted as a serpent-like dragon that eats moons. So the story goes that Bakunawa was once a beautiful sea goddess. She fell in love with the seven moon deities (so we used to have seven moons), but they all rejected her love. She then turned into a monster in anger and swallowed all the moons whole, except for one. What causes the eclipses at present is Bakunawa trying to swallow the last moon but she always fails.

In my interpretation I made her more human-like with dragon skin. I made this during my SFX makeup classes in MUD New York. I used multiple foam latex prosthetics, which I had pre-painted before application. I also purchased some spikey teeth and made the mouth flaps (like serpents and dragons usually have on the side of their mouths) using latex. In hindsight I should have bought some snake lenses to go with the overall look, but I like the end results.

My IG is @pausiu. I haven't really been working a lot these days because the pandemic hit us hard. But I'm hoping to get inspired by all the amazing artists here to get back into creating characters for fun. :) Here's a few more photos of the process: my references, the original foam latex piece, my paint job, and a photo with my beautiful model. Thank you for this opportunity and I'm wishing the best of luck to everyone!!!

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