horror makeup contest entry

Hello!! For these looks: 

1) All Pus, No Drain
- i used hot glue to create little pustules and let them dry. After a few hours, i peeled them off and used latex to secure them onto my skin in various patterns. I used chicken pox and measles as inspiration. 

2) Red Demon Says Rawr 
- i used prosthetic horns and applied those with blood around the rings. Then, I took fake nails secured by latex to create the jaw, then used cream paint to add detail. 

3) Unzip Me, Will You?
- I purchased two zipper chains because one wasn’t quite long enough. I snapped the zipper off one and attached the track to line up with the first zipper using latex. From there, i took q-tips and wrapped them in tissue paper and latex to create the neck and chest bones. To finish it up, cream paint was used to detail. 

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