Triceratops/ Human Hybrid

This is a Triceratops / Human hybrid makeup. To create this look I created the prosthetic face consisting of a beak, forehead, and cheekbones all as one piece using sculpting and moulding techniques. I then created the final piece using silicone with encapsulated baldies edges. I applied the piece along with a bald cap which was created using bald cap plastic, which I incorporated a sculpt into to create the triceratops spikes collar, coming from the head. This was then held in place using foam stuffed inside to hold the shape. The colour was inspired by different reptile creatures and was made up of airbrush and pax paints, with illustrator too. The story behind this creature is to represent ‘walking alongside dinosaurs’ as in, this boy is an example of what a teenage human hybrid dinosaur would look like.
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