Underworld tribes man

Hello my name is Georgina Condon of G's Makeup artistry and FX I have been in the sfx Makeup industry for about 5 years and have a passion for all things sfx. I know I have so many things to still learn but finally think I have something that is worthy of this competition.

I wanted to create a unique character that would fit into the already established world of Clive Barkers cabal ( Nightbreed) the books and movie influenced me so much in my life I wanted to pay it homage. I wanted to create a character that could easily be one of the tribes of the moon living underground in Midian but still be a unique character 100% designed and created by me. I designed, sculpted, cast, painted and applied everything myself and made all the costumes, jewellery and staff prop,hope you enjoy.

Artist - @gs_makeup_artistry_and_fx
Model- @crystalmanzam
Photographer -@ktbdesigns
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