A Sheep Trolls Winston-Salem

A humanoid sheep makeup based on the Jacobs sheep breed that has two sets of horns.

Makeup designed and built by me (@seenicfx on instagram) and modeled by me as well.

photography by Willow Longbrake

My guides while I was partially blind in makeup

Courtney Kakac

And Anna Pate Glover





Designed and built by me

Foam latex cowl and face 

Painted with pax and flocked. All fur is layed human and synthetic blend.

Fur wig was made from a recycled knitted shawl with synthetic weft stitched to it and roller set with steam. inspired by the method used to create the original Chewbacca suit.

Horns: Paper-mache and wire

Gloves: custom silicone palms on stretch mesh base with hand sewn and painted faux fur

nails made from sculpy clay and eyes ordered from Van Dyke taxidermy supply.

video:  https://youtu.be/ADy9K9svhtM

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