Fallout 4 vault dweller turned to ghoul

This was done for my final year of college. Its based on the game fallout 4, one of my absolute favourites.

Brief run down of the game is you have survived a nuclear apocalypse by being put into a vault deep underground and imerge 200 years later to a empty and deadly waste land.

Vault dwellers are the people who lived in the vaults. From the old world or desendants of the old world who grew up in the vault.

Ghouls are people who have been exposed to high amounts of radiation and have become deformed and almost immortal living a very long time 

My idea was for a vault dweller to be exposed to the high radiation of the new world and in turn become a ghoul 

Prosthetics and bald cap were all sculped, moulded, applied and painted by myself Ashley Kerr 

Costume was made by myself with help from my granny 

Photography was by every picture photography 

Set was build by my grandad for the live event and the props were all made by me Ashley Kerr 

Instagram is painted_by_ashley_ 
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