Rotting zombie

Hi, this is the latest SFX mask I made. I took some inspiration from the teacher Patrick Magee and pictures on instagram that this school posted. I am only 17 years old and live in Croatia where SFX materials aren't available so I made this totally out of kit. Mask was made with combination of cotton and latex. I firstly created the mask with basic brushes, sticks, sponges etc. on the face cast I made. Teeth were made from clay beforehand and stuck to mask, then painted to look as real as possible. To get the effect of vines growing on the skeletal face I used wool. I spent around four hours creating the mask and then another four painting it and trying to get just the right colour I imagined. I don't have access to pros-aide or spirit gum so I used latex to stick the mask to my face and it worked fairly well, than began the process that lasted around three hours to paint myself to match the mask and to paint my shoulders and torso. To paint myself and mask I used water activated colours, tho they weren't for skin they worked perfectly for effect I wanted to accomplish. The last step was to darken my hair a bit and take this photos. I am sorry that in one you can see the back of my room but I only had one free export in editing program where I put the woods in the back of the other photo... I hope you like this and good luck to everybody. 

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