Which eye fits best to the phone case?

I am working on a phone case and I destroyed the pink eye but was finally able to do another one, but now I’m stuck with the decision which eye fits best to the rest of the phone case? I have a couple choices, pink one would of course be ideal because the other ones are all on pairs. The two pupils would make a similar eye to the yellow clean one only it would be a bit darker

 But which one would complete the character best? 

* eyes will go into the socket of course

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    Awesome looking phone case!

    I like the yellow eye since it has a bit of contrast from the colors on the case.  Makes it pop a bit more.  The green looks pretty cool too, you may just have to make a few phone cases! ;)



  • Aw thank you so much I will try it out!!! Have a couple more projects so I’ll leave the cases for a while but that one will be definitely finished :)
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