A . L . P . H . A - A Sri Lankan depiction of the goddess Kali (1st Entry)

I've taken the Hindu Indian Goddess and adorned her in traditional Sri Lankan Kandyan jewelry and the draping is also in Kandyan style. The sword she is holding is also a traditional Sri Lankan Kastane. The concept was inspired by the model, Deepthi Jayasinghe who is an activist & feminist.

The concept design is orginal overall.
Model - Deepthi Jayasinghe
Photography - Tai Hsin Shiek
Props, Hair, Body paint, Prosthetics & SFX Make-up - Opula Fonseka ( Me) (@bluebloodelf)

I've used cream paints for the body paint with talcum to matify and cream gold paint for highlights. The tongue is a gelatine prosthetic and the eye is a latex prosthetic, the skull is a latex prosthetic over and eva foam base for sturdiness, all of which was made by me. The nipple covers are cloth band-aids with latex layers to blend.

IG - https://www.instagram.com/bluebloodelf/?hl=en


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