Entry #3 out of 3 for The Character Makeup contest - Corona embodied

My name is Lina Hallgren. I am 20 years old. I live in Sweden. I love to create and my biggest passion is making costumes and bringing characters to life with makeup. I´ve been doing costumes and makeup my whole life and want to work with it someday.

You can find me on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cosplaylh/

This is an original character I created to capture the feelings we feel in this pandemic. The anxiety, the grief, the growth, the feeling of being overwhlemed and all over the place. The hands in the hair reaching for something unreachable. The tears and feelings streaming down the face, never ending.. But she is also allseeing, this pandemic opened up a third eye, a new way to look at things, we grow from this virus.

Using blue and orange, my favorite oppiste colours, to bring attention to the face.

The makeup is done by me on myself, the third eye is drawn on with makeup. The wig is styled by me.

The eye and tears are done with water based face paint, and the rest is every day makeup to complete the look. I am also wearing yellow contacts.


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