Rotocasting silicone

Hi Everyone,

Did anyone try rotocasting platinum cured silicone? What silicone did you use? I would like to achieve thin layer of skin without using the traditional tools with the core inside. I tried doing it on pro-tocaster from krimplewips and low viscosity soft (A5) silicone, the results were acceptable but not perfect - the skin thickness was not very consistent (0.5-2mm).


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    I've cast platinum cure silicone in fairly uniform thickness by adding thixotropic agent and brushing it into the mold.  You can even smooth it out once it starts to set up by splashing your glove with alchohol and slicking the surface.  Obviously this is done by hand without a rotocaster. May or may not work in your situation.
  • Hi Max,

    Lower viscosity silicone will work best, and you can build up your thickness in small batches.  You can also mix up a thicker silicone to fill in areas that will need more thickness first, then rotocast the rest to get the thinner spots.

    Getting even coverage is a challenge, but you can get used to how a mold behaves after a few castings and adjust your technique to fit the mold.

    If you can get your hand or a brush inside your mold you can brush it in as suggested above.  Then you have much more control over thickness. 


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