Entry #2 out of 3 for The Character Makeup contest - The Ice Queen

My name is Lina Hallgren. I am 20 years old. I live in Sweden. I love to create and my biggest passion is making costumes and bringing characters to life with makeup. I´ve been doing costumes and makeup my whole life and want to work with it someday.

You can find me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cosplaylh/

This makeup and costume is inspired by all ice queens in pop culture and folklore. I wanted to create my own version of a winter queen. So, this is what I came up with. I wanted to create this icey character that looked very cold from the outside, but is not actually cold, because she is the queen of the ice. I wanted to add the warm colurs in the lips and flowers as well. I did not want to use only blues, I wanted to create som interest, to draw eyes towards the face. I think this queen is very lonely and made herself look like this to remind hereslf that she is powerful and not in fact alone. She rules kindly over her kingdom and I wanted to reflect some of that kindness.

Makeup is done by me on myself, the flower crown is decorated by me. The costume is put together by me. The main piece being my moms wedding dress.

The base of the makeup is white creampaint, the rest is every day makeup to complete the look. I painted a pair of false eyelashes white to go with it. I am also wearing a wig.

The flower crown is decorated with icicles from christmas decorations to make a royal crown out of it. I painted the flowers with acrylic paint and added salt to look like snow or ice.

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