Student Hangout



  • Why? Lol
  • just funny. "tried to be normal. worst 2 minutes of my life."

  • I'm on now until 12amEST if no one comes on
  • you guys are usually on about 3am my time, but I'd say I'll have a few late ones this week so I'll prob see you there
  • I'm usually on from 7pm-3am EST LOL Hope to see you out.
  • I'm on tonite at 7pm est. I love spelling tonight wrong for some reason.
  • I'll be on later though. My wife is super sick and my son has gone from learning to walk last week to full out running and climbing couches. I will be super dad tonight until his bed then move onto the last leg of the Spandex process. Can you believe it took 12 yards of spandex and I may have to get 1 more yard! I hope to get full spandex part done tonight and walk around in it a bit, making adjustments then walking around and so on and so on. LOL I want to start texturing Friday night- Can't work on it Thursday as it is my wife and I 4th Wedding Anniversary.
    I might call it an early night tonight though based on the fact that I have had 6 hours sleep in 3 days.
    I was also thinking that I'm going to collect everyone's email address and/or perhaps we can start a Private Facebook account so that we can continue to post when we are going to be on after the forum is closed. What do you guys think? 
  • That's a good idea. I was gonna get the emails too but don't have a great way of setting up group stuff. Facebook

  • Ciara, I'm usually on, or can be during your day.
  • So I started the Facebook Group called "The Ted Haines Monster Suit Group". We can use it to set up times to use the Hangout. The group is secret so we won't have "Outsiders" snooping.
    If you guys are interested in joining please let me know and I can add you. For those people who don't have the Critique option you are invited too. I don't want this group to take away from the forum so please continue to use the forum and if/when the forum closes this Thread we can use the FB group to arrange times to Hangout.

    I made a little banner for the Group- hope you all like it LOL 
  • Hey Guys,
    I'm on Hang out now- sorry I didn't answer when you tried to call me (who ever you are) as I was running a conference call and couldn't chat. I'm on now so c'mon!
  • It was me.
  • I was lonely.
  • Kim Jong il from Team America lonely or Lonely Island lonely?
  • Since I don't have facebook, feel free to add me to skype guys. In case the forums go down or something, I'm always down for skype group chats. I'm artslavebiz.
  • Awesome thanks!
  • I'm so ronery. So ronery.
  • Tmrw is wet foam!
  • Still online, just saying.
  • on
  • Going to be texturing the head, feet and hands tonight! Finally! Can't wait! See you on Hangout perhaps.
  • I'm on for a bit.

  • i'm on now...

  • Thought you guys would like this. This guy is pretty good!
  • i'll be on tonight-anyone else?

  • I'll be on
  • when are ppl planning on being on? 
  • Okay so I thought I was gonna be on, then i got busy xD
  • i've just been slaving and not been good company. Grrrr! stressing this last week. 'll be mid-week.

  • No problemo! :) I hear ya Lol
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