Liara T'Soni makeup & prosthetics (from Mass Effect videogame saga) - @luzbeldauvergne on socials

Hi there!! ヾ(・ω・`)

I'm a Spanish prop maker, SFX enthusiast & cosplayer. Today I wanted to show you a project I made with lots of love from a videogame saga Im fond: the doctor Liara T'Soni, an alien from the Mass Effect videogames.

Everything is made from scratch by me, from the sculpt & cast of the latex hood, to the dress & gun. I'm also the model.

Shoots by Necroquantum Photography & videos from HerzloCast (with permission to use both)

More details & progress below!

  • The reference

  • The process

  1. Made to resist two full days running around a local convention, plus one recording session for a short-film.
  2. Sculpted in monster clay medium+soft, then I made a two-part mould with plaster (hydrocal).
  3. Then casted in mask latex from Feroca. My lifecast was not available so I improvised with a mannekin head and being reaaaally careful at scaling the sculpt to my real head (knowing that latex tends to dry smaller too).

I a

  • The makeup

  1. Matching circle lenses & fake lashes to give a more alien look.
  2. Partial brow cover with craft glue and a little mastix 
  3. Piece glued with prosaide to my head and neck, the joints were fixed with several layers of homemade bondo (prosaide + silica powder)
  4. Bodypaint with aqua-colors from Kryolan. I also pre-painted the tentacles & back with Skin Illustrator alcohol-based paints.
  5. Fun fact: in order to match the same scales of the prosthetic, I kept the same orange bag net I used as reference when sculpting, so it could be used to give the same texture to the makeup.

Thanks a lot for reading this far!! Hope you like it, lots of love from Spain! // Luzbel d'Auvergne // @luzbeldauvergne
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