Mossun. The Green Lake Guardian

I am participating in this contestment with this figure made with polymer clay. All the parts of the figure has been made by myself, the armature, the sculpture, the eyes, the paintings...etc. Not moulds has been used.I have used Genesis paintings.
Now I will introduce you to Mossun. This creature lives in the Green Lake. And as his name indicate is the Guardian. He lives very lonely, and despite hi has a scary face isn't the bad one. He fights with the good ones.;-)

If you want more of my work you can have a look at

acantilado esmeralda ( in instagram).

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  • Wow , I like his teeth, great little monster !
    Nice work Mar!
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    Thanks for your comment. It is a very little thing in comparation with the great figures made for the rest of the artist. :-) 
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