Cyberpunk Borogov Creature - 2021 makeup

 This make up was an original character concept cosplay for a TikTok story tag known as #Asunderland.  The individual tag used for this character was  #TheBorogov.  

The inspiration for this character was taken from 'The Jabberwocky' by  Lewis Carroll, and infused with a dark, cyberpunk retelling of the Alice in Wonderland tale. 

I do hope to make a YouTube compilation soon. 

This look was created with water-based black face paint, white liquid eyeliner, blue eyeshadow palettes, liquid latex, and Ben Nye makeup products. 

In addition, the Prosthetics on my face, hands, and arms were made from a mixture of old bicycle safety gear, a defunct space heater, and a roll of tinfoil.
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