Alien body paint plus facial prosthetic

I wanted to create a extremely bright alien during lock down when I was bored so convinced my partner to let me paint him ... (it took a long time). I created the prosthetic facial pieces with card, which I cut into shape . I then used a hot glue gun to create the boning effect . Once I did this I covered the entire appliance in layers of latex. 
To apply I used prosaide to adhere it to the skin and then used bald cap plastic to hide the edges.  
I applied the bald cap, then the prosthetic facial pieces and I then applied the paint to the body . I wanted it to be very simplistic and almost cartoon like. I applied using an airbrush and some bad ass reptile stencils. 
There’s lots of room for improvement but for a mess around abs designing from start to finish in one day I quite like my quirky character. 
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    I forgot to mention. All these paints were uv reactive. However I couldn’t get a hold of a black light on short notice. I really wish I could have seen it glowing 
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    I should really as a link like other have haha 
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