Character submission Hansel and Greta witch

I created sculpted and set this prosthetic in gelatine and wanted to to look like it would fit in to the movie Hansel and gretal the witch hunters.  I gave her black horns for protection and extra nostrils for sniffing out children . This was my first ever  full face prosthetic . I blended the edges with witch hazel and painted it with spackle techniques using my alcohol paint palletes. The horns I made with plastic pellets that I melted in hot water and rolled into hornes before letting it cool. I then used black nail varnish to paint them so they would appear glossy . 
I applied a bald cap first . Then the ears and finally the face . I hope you like 
you can find me at 

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    I forgot to mention I bought the ears from redcarpet in the uk as I wasn’t sure how to make them. 
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    I should really as a link like others have 🤦🏼 Haha
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