Polyfoam Painting With Latex Mask Base

Hey All,
I'm trying to create a lightweight rotocast using a higher density polyfoam like smooth-on's flex-foam 14 or 17, but the surface doesn't seem to hold paint easily. Has anyone had luck using a latex mask base over it to create a primer? What's worked for you?
Todd Watson


  • Micah J.Micah J. ✭✭✭
    Hi Todd,

    For flexible foams, in our shop, we use a product called SC-94 from BJB Enterprises. It's a water based primer/ paint for foam that can be thinned and sprayed. Plaid FX Clear Paint Primer would also do the trick. The Plaid FX paints work great on flexible foams and require less coats than the SC-94 but, I've had no luck spraying them. 
    For more rigid stuff, we use a filler primer called FSC-88 WB which will put more of a candy shell type coating to rigid foams so, brittle and not flexible but, good if you want to mold a foam pattern. 


  • Thanks, Micah. Some Cool new things I didn’t know! I’ve used some of the Plaid Armor metallics on L200, and got great results, I’ll give it a test and see. The prop doesn’t have to flex much, but it will be handled a lot so paint durability is my main concern.
    Since I’m trying for realistic flesh tones, after you apply your primer coat(s) what do you use for more subtle pigments? Can you switch mediums after it’s primed, like switching to inks or acrylic that can be sprayed? Thanks for taking time to post and sharing your knowledge.

  • Micah J.Micah J. ✭✭✭
    Hi Todd,

    SC-94 blends easily with water based paints. We use Tim Gore's Bloodline and Lifeline paints because you get great life-like color right out of the bottle. You may not need to mix with the SC-94 but, I haven't tried any long term durability tests with that. So far, those acrylics mixed with SC-94  have sprayed well and have held up to some pretty rough handling. It can take a little time to dry but, I speed it up with a heat box. 
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