Mold Making for Animatronic/ mold registration


I am attempting to make the simplest mold i can to get a silicone animatronic skin of this eye . For some reason I am at a loss for the best approach for molding it. I am planing on doing a 1 piece resin and fiber glass mold over the eye. Then laying clay up inside the resin mold to cast a core into the one piece mold. I plan to leave the eye ball itself clear of any clay to act as a contact point between the core and the one piece mold. My question is what is the appropriate flange and key design for casting and object like this? It is not a prosthetic, there is no life cast that i need to work with and its just on a flat board. It does need to be skin though that will eventually mate with a fiber glass underskull. It seemly simple but i cat come up with a better way then just the one contact point of the eye ball to key the mold and core together. Excuse me if what im asking isn't clear. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Tucker, 

    The process you outlined is exactly how I would do it.  As for the keys, when making the mold of the eye I would add a few trapezoidal clay keys to the board (maybe one or two on all 4 sides) in the area of the board that will become the mold flange.  That way when you clay up and cast the core it will key into the top of the mold.

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