contest 2021 body paint KING OF SNAKES

This is my “snake king” I was inspired by a sculpture of a skull by “jonas le riche”who is an artist and photographer and I was inspired by a lot of “Pat McGrath’s” editorial style shoots especially the one she did with rhianna. This is my first ever full body paint and I was being ambitious but I feel you learn nothing by being safe. 
I used golds browns and blacks to mimic the texture and designs of live snakes. For this I used a mixture of diamond fx cake paints and kryolan airbrush paints . I used a reptile stencil by badass stencils to achieve the scale effect over the top. The face of my snake king I wanted to be skull like . And I managed this with the above mentioned paints along with eye shadows to get the perfect blend.I also used eye shadows to enhance the scales to.  . His prosthetic mowhawk I made and designed my self by mixing latex with rice flower abd sculpting a mass that I then attached gold cat claw spikes into and Swarovski crystals. And let dry ... this was applied to the model before any paints with prosaid and prosaid cream to blend. It was my first ever prosthetic and I love it . Photos of the Process in comments 
I designed this all by my self and I am super proud of it. I plan on creating 11 more creatures like this and make my own callendar of them. Thank you for reading and considering my piece
samuel Mammone uk Scotland 
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