How Can We Make Our Forums Better?

Our Goal

The forums here at the Stan Winston School provide an amazing opportunity for school staff, instructors, and students to interact with each other.  As an online school, any opportunity we have to help strengthen our community and better connect with one another is extremely valuable.  We like to think of our forums as an extension of our virtual campus, where we all get the chance to take part in learning, teaching, and celebrating the world of practical effects and character creation together.

With that in mind, we are always striving to improve our forums experience and would love to get your feedback.

What Would You Like To See Here?

As a member of our community, what would you like to see posted to our forums?  This could be anything from topics of discussion, polls, contests, special events, etc.

What Could We Improve?

Are there things we are already doing that we could do better? 
Are there things we are not doing enough of?

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please post a comment below!

Thanks from the entire SWSCA Team


  • Hi, I'd like some help connecting with artists in my country. Is there a 'linked in' type area for people to connect?
  • Hello! I think it would be nice to collate suggested reading material! Such as an artist recommending a book, and then the community can collate a list of books or resources that are great under that subject. I know some of the reading materials are from a long time ago, but maybe if we worked together we could collate really awesome library of resources to read in spare time? :) 
  • At least for the, What’s  on your workbench section, I wish we could reply to others to express how awesome their work is rather than just hitting like.  Maybe there’s a good chance I’m just not doing it right, lol.
  • Hi Mike,

    You can post comments on the "What's on your workbench" discussion, and even tag the original author using the @ symbol.  For example @Mike Mangan

    There's just no specific reply button.

  • Hakeem AliHakeem Ali ✭✭✭
     Will we be informed of the number of participants in the competition?  
    Will the work of all participants be published on one page instead of searching..
  • Hi Hakeem,

    You can see all the participants and their entries in the contest category

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