Monstrous teddy bear

I have finally finished my relatively big project of a life size furred teddy bear with a horror twist. It’s inspired by the Krampus claw teddy bear and this one actually is a prototype because I learned a lot from this type. I am looking forward to making more in white and grey too and with different types of eyes where I used John cherevka’s tutorials as a great help. 
Still working on the claws to make them a little more posable and I had great success with painting the maw before painting and actually was able to fur the creature and put the thing in the oven. Since I only know where the maw will be placed after I furred the teddy, it’s of course way easier to make the sculpture on there directly and not on a different one without fur because it never fits quite right then 😉. But with aluminum foil protection the fur withstood baking quite well! 

And yes I’m surely making the exposed brains look more real and like they are coming out of the cranium next time 😅


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