Will Physco paint mixed oil colors stick to encapsulated silicone appliances?

HI, This is Vineesh Vijayan from India, I am sculptor and learning prosthetic make up techniques from SWSCA. In India Skin illustrator (PPI Products) paints and palettes are not available. It is very difficult to import it as well because it comes under Hazardous material category for shipment.

I am trying to create a multiple piece prosthetic appliance for aging make up. we have smooth on and kryolan products available in India. I have seen Jammie Grove painting Silicone mask using physco paint diluted with naphtha mixed with oil colours. will the same technique work for encapsulated appliances? physco paint is available in India.

Could you please suggest any other methods as well for painting on encapsulated appliances and a good alternative for skin illustrator paints?

I bought kryolan alcohol based colour palette and for some reason colour in mixing board drying and minute junks are forming which is disturbing the workflow.


  • Hi Vineesh,

    Since the encapsulation layer on the appliance is not silicone, using silicone-based paints may result in a poor bond between the paint and the encapsulation.  One of the advantages of encapsulating appliances is you can use almost anything you like on top of the encapsulation as you don't have to worry about bonding or reacting with silicone.

    This means you can use any makeup you like, while taking care not to use anything too heavy that will take away from the nice translucent nature of the silicone. 

    The Kryolan alcohol palette should work fine for you.  As with all alcohol-based makeups, the alcohol you add will evaporate quickly, so you'll have to add more as needed.  As for things forming within the makeup that does not sound normal.  What % alcohol are you using?  If it's not high enough % you may not be fully dissolving the makeup. Make sure you are using 99% isopropyl alcohol.

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